Welcome to Brewerytown

Brewerytown is booming. If you are new to the area, you will quickly learn that the neighborhood is full of history and in the middle of rapid change and development. Brewerytown is located just outside of Center City, Philadelphia and owes its name to its former status of nine breweries during the 19th century. Today, the neighborhood’s beer scene is full of microbreweries and craft beer bars. 

Living in Brewerytown gives residents an urban suburban mix feel and offers many diverse activities and places for you to discover. Find out more about what it’s like living in this upcoming neighborhood in North Philadelphia.


Food and Drink

Crime and Punishment – If you live in Brewerytown it’s a given that you need to visit a brewery. “Putting the Brew Back in Brewerytown” is Crime and Punishments motto and they do an amazing job at holding that title. This brewery is always packed with locals sharing their love for beer and creating a sense of community. The bar has it’s kettles out for display as well as books, toys, games, and artwork that showcases Brewerytown’s history. Beer lover or not, Crime and Punishment is a great environment to be in and also a place to grab a bite to eat!

2637 Brew – This cozy bar and restaurant is the perfect place to end your day with a cocktail or your favorite comfort food. They have weekday specials like Wine Down Wednesday along with live music, Taco Tuesday, Bubbly Monday, and a Monday-Friday happy hour. Their menu includes items such as flatbreads, calamari, lobster mac and cheese, burgers, pho, dessert, and so much more. Be sure to check this small but mighty restaurant out! 

The Monkey and The Elephant – Looking for a cafe where you can grab a bite to eat, have your favorite coffee, and finish up some work all in one? Located right on Girard, The Monkey and The Elephant is the perfect spot to do all of these things while feeling like you’re in the comfort of your own home. The menu features coffee drinks, teas, paninis, healthy snacks, and baked goods. This shop also runs a program to teach job and life skills to former foster care children who have aged out of the system and many of their employees work at the cafe. They also do pop-up shops, fundraising events, and local gatherings! 

Pizza Dads – This pizza spot in Brewerytown features traditional and unique pies for you to try. If you love thin crust pizza this is the place for you! One of their most interesting options to order is the Randolph pie which consists of a pineapple Jerk base, Jerk chicken, red onion, green pepper, and Mozzarella cheese. If you visit them on Tuesdays they give out free beer when you order a pizza! 

Green Eggs Cafe – With 6 different locations throughout the city, Green Eggs Cafe has gained popularity from its gourmet brunch options and its aesthetically pleasing style. This is a cash only restaurant and is always busy with customers, so it’s recommended to arrive early in order to get a table! 

Spot Gourmet Burgers – Starting out as a mobile food cart, serving the Drexel University area, Spot Gourmet Burgers has expanded to a brick and mortar specializing in gourmet, hand-crafted burgers always using fresh ground beef. They are located right on Girard, so be sure to check out their award-winning menu!

iMunch Cafe – This local gem in the heart of Brewerytown is always serving fresh brunch and lunch 7 days a week. They also serve house made smoothies, iced teas, and lemonades to satisfy that sweet tooth! 

Art and Culture

Brewerytown Beats – If you love music and vinyls, this is a place for you. Located right on Girard, Brewerytown Beats is a small record shop that sells used, vintage, and rare records specialized in funk, soul, and hip-hop. They also have a lineup of cassettes as well. They are always getting in new shipments of records so make sure to stop in and get your hands on these hard-to-find records! 

John Coltrane’s House – Jazz legend John Coltrane used to live in Brewerytown which is located on north 33rd street. This house is considered a historical landmark but is currently vacant. If you’re taking a stroll through the neighborhood, be sure to check out the historical sign outside and see where the American Saxophonist lived for six years! 

Atelier Fas Gallery – Located in the Pennrose building is a small, fine arts gallery. This is the perfect place to expand your creativity and explore the beautiful artwork. This gallery is open to the public at no cost. 

Search + Rescue Drygoods – Next time you are passing Search + Rescue Drygoods, be sure to check them out. What you will find inside is an expansive space full of art, clothing, home furnishings, collectibles, and anything you want to improve your home living. It is definitely a hidden treasure so be sure to check it out!

Hatfield House – This house is a piece of history and now serves as a community hub for art, culture, and history. It was originally a farmhouse constructed in 1760 and is the only all-wood house located in Fairmount Park. Check out their website to see upcoming events!

Cultivaire Plant Store – Whether you’re a beginner or a full on plant enthusiast, this boutique style plant store is an amazing place to help you find the perfect plant(s) that will survive in your home. The staff also can perform install work including window boxes, patio/gardens, and corporate space/lobbies. 

Parks and Recreation

Fairmount Park – Brewerytown is a walk or bike ride away from the city’s largest park. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia and enjoy the park’s playground, basketball courts, picnic spots, and tons of greenery. 

GlennDinning Rock Garden – Located right on Kelly Drive, this is a hidden gem where you can enjoy picnics and the outdoor scenery. This is just a walk away from Brewerytown and features a stone staircase that takes you up to some of Fairmounts hiking trails. 

Brewerytown Garden – This community garden is neighborhood run non-profit focused on nutrition, community building, and a shared love of gardening. If you love growing your own produce, there is space for 75 Brewerytown households to do so. CHeck out this warm and welcoming spot to meet your neighbors and enjoy each other’s company. 


As part of the Philadelphia School District, Brewerytown Schools includes Robert Morris School, grades K-8; Kelly William D, pre-K-8; White Dove Performing Arts Academy, grades pre-K-5; Celestial Christian Academy; and St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, grades 9-12. 

Along with these schools, there are also private and charter options. 

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